Newest kid on the block. (Bed?)

Since nippu bird wife (note: not nippu bird’s wife) commented that the blog should have been revived, this is the next revival post. And it features none other than my latest birthday present… Continue reading

Blog revival and wife introduction (hint: not Asuna)

Laziness got the better of me for the past year. Marriage preparation too. It’s been almost 1 year since I last blogged about my new toy entries, and having just bought a new… Continue reading

King of Heroes – Gilgamesh the Awesome

OMG nippu bird bought me Gilgamesh! I super love it – my favorite character in Fate Zero. The moment I saw this character, I knew he would be the most powerful and most… Continue reading

Loot from Europe!

  Nippu bird got me a dinosaur bone model from the Natural History Museum from her UK trip….but it only had 7 parts to clip on. Not really much of a brain challenge,… Continue reading

Optimus Predator Prime

Second of the Lego lot! This one was a lot more complicated. Is it me or does Optimus Prime look kinda like Predator with the weird mouth?

New Addition to the Family

My younger brother just successfully proposed to his girlfriend in Hong Kong! Last addition to the family. In other exciting news, he bought me 4 lego sets from HK. New addition to my¬†toy… Continue reading


Project NODLEHS – Showing a girl how she is important to me, and how she will constantly be in my mind and heart forever This post details the toughest quest of my toy… Continue reading

I got owned by eggs. Iron Eggs.

Christmas came early this year. And emptied my wallet. I finally received all 3 of my outstanding Egg Attack Iron Man models! After pre-ordering and waiting for more than a year. Geez.  … Continue reading

Itsy Bitsy Spider Flying All Around

Look what Pea got me as a travelling companion! Lucky Spidey, travelling to 3 countries within a span of 1.5 weeks. And I am getting as chubby as him from all the eating… Continue reading

STGCC 2013: Sucks To Get Collateral Crap

Last year, it was “Sucks To Get Crappy Catwoman”. This year, there wasn’t even a crappy Funko Pop that was half worth buying. FML. Perhaps Pea’s and my standards have gotten higher since… Continue reading